1999-03-28 Key West Anchoring

JRobert, Brent Moyer, & Jackson Davis

03.28.99-Key West Anchoring

Brent came down for a few weeks, & announced he had a little time before heading back to Nashville..."so lets go for a sail!"

We packed up Captain Jackson, Captain Morgan, & caught an easy north-western down to Cayo Heuso...with musical instruments in hand jammed with everyone I knew from "Hog's Breath" to "Green Parrott" and back again!

While we partied, "Bluewater" was anchored out off East Fleming Key and I returned to get a fiddle string just in time for the wind to shift from the east dramatically. As we pulled up underneath Fleming Key bridge, my eye could just catch "Bluewater" running adrift directly toward the Naval Reservation Grounds. I could just imagine the M.P.s arresting me for invading government soil...but I managed to re-anchor before the bars closed!

What an adventure! Here's a perfect Key West sunset from anchorage.

Sunset past Christmas Island

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