1999-08-28 Annual Florida Hardware Dealers “Gong Show!"

Now, Boys & Girls...It's time for the yodeling "Black & Decker" Choir!

08.28.99-Annual Hardware "Gong Show"!

Anyone who owns a boat gets to be pretty familiar with hardware, hardware stores, and hardware folk. Well, theFlorida Hardware Conventionis where everything comes together...

It's a unique show I always enjoy, especially the final night's "Gong Show"...this is the scene in which all the regular folks who sell Black & Deckers and roofing nails as their day job get to entertain with songs, jokes, and rascality. That's where I fit in...I call it "human karoke!" Eventually they auction off tons of hardware, tools, & displays brought to the convention by dealers. All proceeds benefit theSt Pete All Childrens Hospital.Ten years ago we gathered only a couple thousand dollars. We've grown to raise over $50,000 a year the last few shows! I happen to know personally how much these funds are appreciated by the Childrens Hospital...& it's certainly one of the craziest final nights I've ever seen to wrap up a trade show!

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