1999-10-30 Swiss Tour with the Global Cowboys

Brent & Bob...Sailing off into the Alps!

10.30.99 Swiss Tour

This will be my 3rd trip to Switzerland...Brent Moyerand JRobert have gotten to be regular "Country Stars" to the people of this beautiful country.

Jens Lubben of Pelican Tours in Brunnen, Sz is responsible for most of the travel arrangements. I call him our "roadie", but he's probably one of the most sophisticated international tour planners in the world!

One of my favorite places to visit is the tiny village of Illgau, located overlooking the world famous Moutotaul Valley. Every visiting American should have the opportunity to stay a week with Otmar and Monica at Sigristenhaus House of Hospitality, in Illgau. You drive up a narrow little road north of Swiez, through a mountain tunnel and Presto! ...you feel like you're in the land of "Munchkins"! Romantic foot-trails with markers to direct you from valleys to glaciers...I've worn a lot of leather off my shoes and shot tons of film on this place. I dare you to ask me to show you my photo album!

You can findBrent Moyeron his Brambus Records page. Every night we'll be playing at different locations in Switzerlnd...so check out my Current Calendar for details.

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