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2000-05-30 Florida Folk Festival 2000

05.30.00...Florida Folk Festival 2000

This is the cover ofFlorida Folk Festival 2000at the Stephan Foster State Park in White Springs, Florida. This is a 3 day event program featuring the greatest bunch of singers, players, & storytellers on the planet...each & everyone twinkling their messages like stars in twilight. I felt honored to be accepted into the company of these folks. ...& My Mama was grinning from ear to ear that whole weekend!

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2000-03-39 Spring 2000!

Old News...Great Stories!

03.30.00 Spring 2000!

Wow! What a year...I simply count my blessings & they keep unfolding.

I recently returned from a wonderful trip to St. Thomas...hurried back to set up my band "Caxambas" at Marriott's Marco Beach Resort for Seagrams & the National Beverage Distributors when who's performing for the same group that night-Jimmy Buffet with Trini Club & Coral Reefers!!! Hey, Jimmy, I still owe you a drink!

My folks came up to White Springs, Fl to attend the48th Annual Florida Folk Festivalwith a clipped picture of me taken from "Florida Trends" magazine...we checked in at the gate & people were saying, "Say, aren't you the guy I saw on the program cover this year?" Sure enough, there I was infull color & big sun hat...Ken Crawford, executive director of the festival explained, "Ah J, don't take it personally...it was just a design decision." ...but don't tell my mom, she still thinks I'm a star!

After "Seminole Days" in Chokoloskee, I bummed a ride with Chief Jim Billie to play fiddle with him at "Nation's Gathering" in Arizona-New Mexico April 27th...then fly toMerl Festfor the weekend! It was a great show with James & the Raiford Starke Band...so much fun I got inspiration for a folk song I launched around some Florida Folk campfires called"I Wanna Ride Jim Billie's Airplane".

Tourist Season in SW Florida is finally over...the June rains have begun to quinch up our 6 month drought...lots of gigs to perform...friends bopping over from Europe now to capture a little sunshine & beach.

Lots of Swiss friends are reading the "Bob & Brent Show" goes to Switzerland story found under Captain's Log-Swiss Navy...I hope I didn't leave anyone out.

I'm performing so many corporation gigs this time of year that I've anchored "Blue Water" in the mangroves right off Goodland, Fl. She's all set & ready for a day sail or overnight slumber on the water... It's amazing how far & fast into the universe you can sail within the schedule of an otherwise hectic day!

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Best wishes, JRobert

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