2001-04-01 Fait Plaisir 2001 SW Florida 4th of July

07.04.01-FAIT PLAISIR 2001 SW Florida July 4th

07.04.01-FAIT PLAISIR 2001 SW Florida 4th of July

Marco Island Eaglehas a superb article about our Swiss Tour!

After a very successfulFAIT PLAISIR 2001 Spring Country Music Festival Tour,and got some greatFAIT PLAISIR Tour d' Affair Stories,JRobert invites his Nashville, Tennessee friend Brent Moyer, down to Marco Island for a July 4th Celebration in South West Florida!

Our collective FAIT PLAISIR 2001 CD will be featured at every show...something we got together and recorded in Mangrove Studio and finished in Nashville.

All original songs included on FAIT PLAISIR 2001 include "Fait Plaisir," "When Love Gets A'Hold of Your Heart," "The Ballad of Alberta and the Gypsy Cowboy," "Trouble with Trout Fishing in On the Great Divide," "Silver Dollar Rag, Wella Wella Alright, It's A Saturday Night," "How Sexy Can You Get?" "Red Lips, Blue Eyes, Little White Lies," "The Florida Fiddler," "Some Lucky Stardust," and "Flower of the Sea."

I call this "The Brent & Bob Show"...similar toCaptain's Log 03.28.99,10.30.99-Swiss Touror11.15.99-Swiss NavyStories...only different, because this time we're touring in SW Florida Summer!

So, the whole FAIT PLAISIR 2001 is packed with songs for which the Swiss people have come to know and love us...each with its own vision of what "Global Folk Music" might sound like when a Nashville Country Artist and a Sea Cowboy get together in the studio! Only in Switzerland could such amalgamated music be accepted...I hope Y'all love it as we bring it on Home!

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