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2001-08-01 Summer 2001

08.01.01-SUMMER 2001

July, August, and September are slow resort months in South West Florida...so it's now RECORDING SEASON! 

After producing and touring Switzerland with FAIT PLAISIR 2001, my Nashville, Tennessee friend Brent Moyer called me up to do fiddle tracks for Sepp from Nevada Country Band. They've got a brand new CD named after one of my songs called "WELLA WELL ALRIGHT, IT'S A-SATURDAY NIGHT!" What can I say? It's going to be a Swiss Country Radio Hit! 

Also, my friend Andy Walburg gave me a few "Dave Matthews" cuts on his cousin David Weeks project...Killer music from a 16 year old songwriter! 

Meanwhile, I'm proud to announce my young nephew John Wesley who produced FELLINI DAYS and tours Europe with Fish is coming out with a CHASING MONSTERS CD of his own...featuring a former Acoustic Alchemy bassist, a MorriSound-Tampa head engineer/drummer, and your's truly JRobert on violin/mandolins...Check him out...World Class Production! 

Furthermore...Mangrove Studio now has Pro Tools! So expect BLUE WATER CHRISTMAS to go with BLUE WATER CRUISE to be finished by September! As well as an upcoming project featuring Caxambas "SAMBA DUDE"-Michael Oakland in the works! 

Any Questions??? 

...please direct them to Contact...Ahoy! Page so I can send you up-dates. 

Best wishes, JRobert 

For "Old News...but Great Stories" Check out "Captain's Log".

2001-04-01 Fait Plaisir 2001 SW Florida 4th of July

07.04.01-FAIT PLAISIR 2001 SW Florida July 4th  

07.04.01-FAIT PLAISIR 2001 SW Florida 4th of July

Marco Island Eagle has a superb article about our Swiss Tour!

After a very successful FAIT PLAISIR 2001 Spring Country Music Festival Tour, and got some great FAIT PLAISIR Tour d' Affair Stories, JRobert invites his Nashville, Tennessee friend Brent Moyer, down to Marco Island for a July 4th Celebration in South West Florida! 

Our collective FAIT PLAISIR 2001 CD will be featured at every show...something we got together and recorded in Mangrove Studio and finished in Nashville. 

All original songs included on FAIT PLAISIR 2001 include "Fait Plaisir," "When Love Gets A'Hold of Your Heart," "The Ballad of Alberta and the Gypsy Cowboy," "Trouble with Trout Fishing in On the Great Divide," "Silver Dollar Rag, Wella Wella Alright, It's A Saturday Night," "How Sexy Can You Get?" "Red Lips, Blue Eyes, Little White Lies," "The Florida Fiddler," "Some Lucky Stardust," and "Flower of the Sea." 

I call this "The Brent & Bob Show"...similar to Captain's Log 03.28.9910.30.99-Swiss Tour or 11.15.99-Swiss Navy Stories...only different, because this time we're touring in SW Florida Summer! 

So, the whole FAIT PLAISIR 2001 is packed with songs for which the Swiss people have come to know and love us...each with its own vision of what "Global Folk Music" might sound like when a Nashville Country Artist and a Sea Cowboy get together in the studio! Only in Switzerland could such amalgamated music be accepted...I hope Y'all love it as we bring it on Home! 

Buy FAIT PLAISIR 2001 Here!

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2001-01-01 Fait Plaisir 2001 Tour ‘d Affair


06.01.01-FAIT PLAISIR 2001 Tour 'd Affair...Stories!

Subject Look out...ready or not...here we come!

Date Wed Apr 18 2001 10:25 Author JRobert (jrobert@jrobert.net) 

Brent mastered FAIT PLASIR 2001 with Vaughn Skow at Sunset Island Studios in Nashville, Tn while I completed the artwork and overnighted it to DisksDirect.com in California. We'll receive a shipment on the 24th...just in time to fly out with a bunch...I'll manage some sample downloads and leave some CD's home to ship out to anyone wishing to follow the bouncing ball with us...... 

Subject Arrival in Switzerland 

Date Mon Apr 30 2001 20:03 Author JRobert (JRobert@JRobert.net) 

Great flight...Miami to New York to Zurich. 

Our tour manager Marcel Zuber and Brent met me at the airport and took me immediately to Maienfeld, Sz. for 3 sessions of practice for our first Festival Hünenberg Show with "Funny Hill", a popular band in Switzerland. 

Our band members included the amazing Lana Brown from Charlotte, North Carolina, who is promoting her own new Nashville produced CD, and fabulous bass player Jerry Linn from Brent's Idaho days. Brent's Nashville drummer, Kirby Bivans now lives in Geneva, Sz. and will join us for allthe Festival shows. Superb. All original material...but it came together easily because 1. Brent's worked with all of us at different times. 2. We had recordings of each other's tunes... and 3. These musicians are ELECTRIC! 

The Hünenberg Show was Killer. 

Subject Brent Moyer & The Shithouse Band 

Date Wed May 2 2001 23:36 Author Retow (retow@datacomm.ch) 

Hi JRobert 

What a great show at the best little Shithouse in the world! We all enjoyed your show and we loved you loving the music you make! It was the absoulte highlight in this year's country music calendar; we all look forward having you again in the Shithouse. Anyone who does not know the story behind the Shithouse...ask JRobert, he might tell...or maybe not...just try it! 

You all have a great time in Switzerland and remember: We're in the Shithouse now! 

Subject Shithouse Orchestra 

Date Thu May 3 2001 14:11 Author JRobert (JRobert@JRobert.net) 

Man, playin' the Shithouse was the most realistic "kick-ass" session I've done in years...like "Honky Tonk In the Round!" ...An octagonal room built inside a manure silo complete with Budwiser Bar (this Anheuser Busch product was brewed to full force 5% in Austria...had a great taste, they say "it's the water") 

Thank you Retow & Connie...also TJ & Morga for the beer & Spatzli und Wurst. Ursula und Paul from "Rodeo Ranchers" were there, so we had a great jam when she sang with Lana Brown. Also, we have some great pictures from Lottie und Monika which I will post when I get home on mz own computer. 

We'll be back again soon... 

Subject Borse Restaurant im Zurich 

Date Thu May 3 2001 14:44 Author JRobert (JRobert@JRobert.net) 

This place seems to be the "Home of Country & Folk Music in Switzerland"...you walk in the door & there's a bunch of pictures of Bill Monroe, John McEuen & Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, Swiss Yodlers, etc. 

Arthur from the Country Music Club took good care of us...Erika & Bruno Michele were there to greet us also. Swiss Country Music artist Tony Lewis invited us to jam at the Zug Festival coming up this Saturday. 

What a great surprise too, to see Irene Schmidt, who presented us with photos and a 2 volume CD recording of our show at the Sheepfarm Sunday Concert. 

Thank you once again, people of Zurich, for your attendance & wonderful hospitality! 

Subject Down on Irene's Sheep Farm 

Date Thu May 3 2001 15:03 Author JRobert (JRobert@JRobert.net) 

Truly the Gatekeeper to Swiss Country tastes and Queen of Concerts...Irene Schmidt's Sheep Farm is an experience of a lifetime for me. Never since the early days of the Troubador in L.A. or Blue Bird in Nashiville have I witnessed a more attentive audience! The electricity between the people & performers was absolutely intoxicating. 

Credit goes to Irene and George Schmidt, but not without a price...discipline! When Irene herds her flock into that barn, George shuts the doors and no one leaves, smokes, or speaks a word except oooh's, aaaah's, & cheers, until the concert is complete! Lord help you if you have a bladder problem! 

Located high on the hills overlooking Lake Lucern, the scenery is spectacular...& with a compliment of wines, beers, homemade meat & cheeze loaf with Kartofelsalat, great music (N.K. Cole Band performed before us...WOW sheep & llama stories from George kept us anchored back on the planet. 

The barn was packed cheek to cheek...only enough room on stage for the four of us and invited guest folk singer Richard Dobson. Stories and songs we shared represented a collective 145 years of experiences the band had gathered...and we sparkled! It was recorded, & I'll go through the photos and Irene Impressions when I return to Florida. 

Once again, "Good Night Irene, I'll See You in my Dreams!" 

Subject sheep farms and other such pleasures 

Date Thu May 3 2001 08:03 Author Renee (georgeandrenee@mindspring.co 

Well, Howdy there you Swiss cowboy you! What a treat to hear your friendly voice this morning, sounded like you were just down the road apiece. We hope you and Brent have a wonderful, exciting time on your travels. The Wild Flowers had a blast in the mountains, so much excellent music. The Kruger Brothers are amazing. They played with Mike Cleveland who is the fiddle player for Rhonda Vincent and the Rage, and blew everyone away. We saw Jones and Leva there and visited with them, and so many others. Yodel one for me. 

Love, Renee 

Subject Funny Hill Bar Hotel Hirschen Maienfeld Date Thu May 3 2001 15:47 Author Marcel Zuber (mzuber@funnyhill.ch) 

Live in concert 

Donnerstag, 3. Mai, 21.00 Lana Brown spielt in der Funny Hill Bar im Hotel Hirschen Maienfeld. Freuen uns auf Euren Besuch as Grüassli vum Marcel Zuber 

Management Funny Hill, Brent Moyer&Band 

Subject Gig at the Hotel Hirschen 

Date Tue May 8 2001 15:32 Author Sepp from the Nevada Band (sepo@datacomm.ch) 

I^m so very happy to play with you. Next week I^m thinking first we get some nice Trout, and after this faboulus Meal we get some Goospickels. 

Your Friend Sepp ( Joe ) 

Subject Fribi-Hof Date Sat May 5 2001 11:07 Author JRobert (JRobert@JRobert.net) 

Sandra und Kurt at Fribi-Hof really put on a show with us last night in their horse barn...lots of people sitting around on straw bales and kegs for tables. A chuck wagon set up for cooking steaks and lots of Gäms, Sz cider and beer! The acoustics were perfect, and the show has been rehearsed enough its starting to spin like clockwork. 

Fribi-Hof basically means "Mountain Horse," and they have the best in the world! We got a tour of their top animals...I started to tell them the stories of North Idaho Appaloosas that were developed by the Nez Pierce Indians over 100 years ago...& they started laughing because some old nag had made a bad name for his breed a couple years ago. I guess the horse was a little skittish with heights, stumbled about, & had too big a rump for going down hill...so someday we'll take these folks out to the White Clouds for a pack trip on some REAL Appaloosas. But we'll never find a better bunch of Country Music lovers and Chuck Wagon in the Whole World! 


Date Wed May 30 2001 16:41 Author BRENT (MOYERBRENT@AOL.COM) 



Subject Lucky ole sun 

Date Sun May 6 2001 03:30 Author gary in Belgium (cartoontheatre@freebel.net) 

Thankyou for your e-mails. Eliane is barely holding on..only days probably. If you can for me sing your"Lucky old Sun' song for us. 

Bless you and love. 

Subject Eliane's Love 

Date Tue May 8 2001 15:28 Author JRobert (Jrobert@Jrobert.net) 

I got the news..."Lucky Old Sun" is yours, my friend. God bless you on your way. I'll call you. 

Subject Vielen Dank (Many Thanks)! 

Date Tue May 8 2001 10:01 Author David and Katie Brown (David@LanaBrown.com) 

Katie and I are back in Nashville and wanted to thank you and everyone for letting us tag along for a while. We didn't get to tell everyone "auf Wiedersehen" but we wanted to let you know that we really enjoyed the shows and the fun times between. I've updated Lana's site, www.LanaBrown.com, to link here for tour updates. 

Best wishes... David and Katie...

Subject Lana Brown 

Date Wed May 9 2001 18:21 Author JRobert (Jrobert@Jrobert.net) 

Anyone not familiar with Lana Brown-our feature vocal artist on this tour-must take a listen! She is so natural and absolutely engaging when she sings...and after spending weeks together on our tour I can tell you it's sincere. She hangs with people like singer-songwriter Ron Davies (Gail Daviesbrother...she sings several of his songs) and Dolly Parton. We're also blessed to have her sister Gail doing back-up vocals...killer combo! 

Subject Jazz Bar- Hotel Albana-Weggis, CH 

Date Fri May 11 2001 15:07 Author JRobert (Jrobert@Jrobert.net) 

Daniel welcomed us back with hugs & shots! We always play a little jazzier when wE do this gig...something about the great art & atmosphere... Overlooking beautiful Lake Lucern in a comfortable scenic community of Weggis, Hotel Albana is owned and operated by Peter Wolfe and his mother Mrs. Wolfe. So much history and culture exudes from this beautifully appointed 1800's style European get-away...cathedral bells toll all together across the lake basin, sail boats drift by, and spring flowers abundantly blast your eyes with promise of a superb summer.


Mark came by and snapped a million pictures (including shots of our snake skin cowboy boots to send to Swiss recording artist Annie Boots) and Marcus jammed with us on "Johnny B Goode" while the Irish contingency danced their asses off! 

Subject Howdy from Brent! 

Date Fri May 11 2001 15:29 Author Brent Moyer (Moyerbrent@aol.com) 

It's great to be back in Switzerland seeing lots of old friends and making new ones! 

Very blessed this time to have my good buddy Jerry Linn from Jackson Hole with me this time...along with the beautiful voice of Lana Brown and information officer/fiddle player/mandolinist JRobert...we are having a ball. Lana's sister Gail is also along singing that high heavenly harmony that the rest of us can't find! 

We love all your support. 

Thanks, Brent 

Subject Just to say "Hello!" 

Date Fri May 11 2001 21:02 Author Denise (Lady-Harley@gmx.ch) 

Howdy Folks!! 

It was a real great show on the last Wednesday and the Thursday before in the Hirschen Bar! I hope see you again next Wednesday. 

I wish you all the best 


Subject Whirlwind Tour...Bären Rest, Zug 

Date Sat May 19 2001 11:39 Author JRobert (JRobert@JRobert.net) 

I've been writing lots of notes...but it's so hard to find a computer in-between gigs and beautiful walks around castles, streets, and country-sides. So I'll condense everything when I get home...so many great people, superb food, & exciting music. 

Last night, Toni, from the Bären Restaurant in Zug, served the first hamburger we've had in almost 4weeks...and it was so good, I ate two...complete with sprouts and radishes! 

Beata und Walti live in both Switzerland and Marco Island, so I got a picture to give to BK & Beth...I believe they had a great time because I saw them dancing around the room with friends a couple times. 

 The "Shark Expedition" of Swiss Folks who spend time studying Aqua-Life around Marco Island, showed up in full force. Francis, Marcel, Bruno.....thanks for dropping by. They're spending this year making reports on their studies in the backwaters of my Island. For instance, they tagged a bunch of shark cruising around my boat for 6 months. I figured, "Sure, a couple shark...what kind?" They said "O, Bull Shark, Lemon Shark, a couple specific Hammerhead, Nurse Shark, Black Tip..." Now, I'll think twice about cleaning my boat out in main channel anytime around sunset! 

Irene Schmidt from Sheep Farm came in with stories of Greece and good times down on the farm...Remo jammed on spoons, shakers, yodels, and "Flying on the Wings of America." 

Thanks to all!! 

Subject Miss you guys... 

Date Tue May 22 2001 09:06 Author BK (BK40@prodigy.com) 

Sounds like you two mugs are havin' way too much fun!!!!! I can't wait for a "de-breifing" jam at the Little bar! Things are pretty much the same here on Marco....the Yankees are gone and the 'skeeters are here. 

I'm glad you got to meet Walti und Beata. She's been my good friend for over 25 years. 

Take care, boys.....see ya soon! 

Subject Hi from the drummer 

Date Sun May 20 2001 22:31 Author Kirby Bivans (bivans@freesurf.ch) 

I had a BIG time playing and laughing with the band, with which I was engaged as the drummer for three concerts. I can't say enough about the fine musicianship and good will generated with Lana, Brent, Jerry and J. I hope I get the opportunity to do it again! 

Best wishes, Kirby 

Subject Switzerland Tour 2001 

Date Mon May 28 2001 15:40 Author Lana Brown (lana@lanabrown.com) 

Hello to Everyone! And I do mean everyone. I can't say too much right now, because I am still in such awe from all I have seen and done. An sooooo many wonderful warm-hearted new friends. 

So for now I will say a huge thank-you to JRobert for helping me remember so much, until my feet are once again on the ground in Nashville, Tn. Thank God someone did their homework. I never was too good at that. 

I Love You. 


Date Fri June 10 2001 14:55 Author JRobert (Jrobert@Jrobert.net) 

A great article in the Marco Island Eagle about my participation in our Swiss Tour. I LOVE my hometown…everyone knows everything about everybody. So here's a little wrap up… 

Illgau's Sigristenhaus was like a homecoming…Monika und Othmar with their kids Andreas, Cornelia…mother & sister…Jimmi und Kathi…all the yodelers. By the time we left, all the young toughs were calling Jerry "John Wayne"…I wonder why? 

If you ever wish to experience real Swiss hospitality in an idyllic setting, visit their website and make reservations…world class!

"Falcon Bar" in Eichberg was a real life honky-tonk right out of Apache Junction, Arizona…complete dance floor & great acoustics…thanks to Guido and Elizabeth. Also great jamming with Danni and Jimmi from The Funny Hill Band. Their crowd helped pack the place for a great night. The next morning we had lunch with Benno Baumgartner in a picturesque restaurant overlooking the Rhine River and Austria. Picked up some great Austrian jokes…but they all kind of sounded like Irish, Italian, Polish, Yankee humor with the names changed to insult the innocent! 

Hotel Hirschen's last night was packed…Monica, Gabi, Barbara, Hans und Sylvia, Denise, Alex the chef, Sabrina, Dean, Bruno & Jazmine, Marcel…Thanks to Ernst from Funny Hill and Sepp from The Nevada Country Band for making the evening explosive. Sepp always announces in his beautiful accent "Nevada, the Contra-Band from Heidi Land" and I wonder "hmmm…what could they possibly have around here that's contraband?" Oooo, COUNTRY Band! He's also the guy who says my fiddle playing gives him "Goose Pickles!" 

Tom's Beer Box in Chur still has over 101 beers from around the world…bier, cerveza, ale, birra, weisebier, biëër, biro, bräu…Australian, Chinese, Mexican, African, Russian… Nothing like going around the world in 80 beers! And the toilettes are incomparable; giant beer cans! Thanks to Tom and Tom… 

Schiers Country Festival was superb…over 1,000 fans…and great jamming at the end with Funny Hill! The next day, all the bands, sound & light crew, hotel & restaurant people, and families of Maienfeld met up in a magnificent forest meadow overlooking the Swiss Heidi Land. We celebrated the end of our tour with an Open Air Concert and acoustic jam…dozens of children dancing around the circles within circles…and huge bonfire to say "Ciao! And Goodbye!" 

2001-04-25 Fait Plaiasir 2001 Fun Schedule & Links


04.25.01-FAIT PLAISIR 2001 Fun Schedule & Links

Welcome to FAIT PLAISIR 2001 Swiss Country Music Festival Tour 'd Affair!

JRobert, Brent Moyer, & Lana Brown

Samstag, 28. April Festival Hünenberg Show mit Funny Hill

Sonntag, 29. April Schaffarm Merlischachen 

Dienstag, 01. Mai Country&Western Club Bern, Im Bschüttloch, 3087 Niedermuhlern 

Mittwoch, 02. Mai CMC Clubabend Rest. Börse Zürich 

Donnerstag, 03. Mai Funny Hill Bar Maienfeld special Night Lana Brown 

Freitag, 04. Mai Strohlagerparty Frybi Hof Gams 

Samstag, 05. Mai Festival Zug (Baar) Show mit Funny Hill 

Mittwoch, 09. Mai Funny Hill Bar Maienfeld special Night Brent Moyer 

Donnerstag, 10. Mai Rest. Albana Weggis 

Freitag, 11. Mai Country Night Hotel Nollen Hosenruck 

Samstag, 12. Mai Country Night Rest. Falken Eichberg Besuch von Funny Hill 

Sonntag, 13 Mai Kirche Maienfeld Taufe Robin Alan 

Dienstag, 15 Mai Illgau Night at Sigristenhaus 

Mittwoch, 16. Mai Funny Hill Bar Maienfeld special Night JRobert 

Donnerstag, 17. Mai LA American SPORT Bar, Buchs SG Provisorisch 

Freitag, 18. Mai Country Night Rest. Bären, Zug 

Samstag, 19. Mai Country Festival Schiers Show mit Funny Hill 

Sonntag, 20. Mai Country children & family day with Funny Hill Maienfeld Open Air (Lagerfeuer) 

Tour Management by Marcel Zuber of Funny Hill. 

"Bingo" Amps and Music Equip provided by Urs Winkler Guitars.

Transportation for the FAIT PLAISIR 2001 Spring Festival Tour has been provided by... 

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03.01.01-BLUE WATER CRUISE CD Sails into Nautical Stores!

Ahoy! Listen Now to CD Baby Samples or Blue Water Cruise iTunes

 The big news is..."Blue Water Cruise" CD is complete!!! 


 in New York City, has done final mastering and manufacturing of this little piece of "ear candy"! 

I call the project "Smooth Sailing Music..." because it's designed for the journey. It's great for any boating, flying, fishing, or driving...nice space music. 

Inspired by catching Gulf of Mexico breezes and anchoring off exotic Florida 10,000 Islands...it's kind of a "tropical jazz" all-instrumental album full of samba guitar, trinidadian steel drums, island violin, & easy percussion. 

Songs include 5 originals like "Sanibel Tides", "Blue Water", "Coquina", "Zephyr Deluxe", and "Captain's Heart"... 

"Sailing" by Christopher Cross has a warm arrangement...along with some old standards like a cool reggae version of "Jamaica Farewell" by Lord Burgie and a hot socca rendition of "Sloop John B" originally written by Carl Sandburg. I didn't know he was a sailor? 

...& finally, interpretations of a Jimmy Buffett's "Changes in Attitudes" and "Pirate Looks at 40" that will simply send you into Nautical Nirvana! 

I have the shipment of CD's ...and cassettes for the boat! Buy Here!

Thanks for checking in...& please sign the contact page so I can keep in touch with you. 

Best wishes, JRobert 

JRobert's new "Blue Water Cruise" CD cover!

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