2004-09-05 BOSEM Buddies in Jackson Hole, Wyoming

09.05.04 BOSEM Buddies-Jackson Hole, Wyo

09.05.04 BOSEM Buddies in Jackson Hole, Wyoming

"Brotherhood of Starving Entertainers and Musicians"...a Benefit Concert for Friends.

Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

This Year, it's Mickey Wells from my oldwww.TarwaterBand.comwho brought his poor old crippling arthritic bones to our gathering. I bought him a plate of good old "grits & greens" at the Stagecoach for breakfast...he'll be feelin' better soon!

Musicians attending are my old Tarwater buddies, Bruce Hauser from Sawmill Creek, Pinto Bennett and the Famous Motel Cowboys, Brent Moyerwww.GlobalCowboy.tvand of course the MC and star of the showwww.KipAttaway.com!!!

We all love Uncle Kippy! He's like Honky Tonk Santa Claus, he always brings lots of presence!

After an all day blowout at the Virginian, we adjorned to Idaho Falls, Idaho for a Tarwater Reunion at the Elks Club, Tuesday September 7th

Lots of good folks! Lots of memories, and Great Music!

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