2005-05-22 Hurricane Hunters CD

09.22.05 Hurricane Hunters CD

During the week of Hurricane Charlie cleanup, we had no power at our house.

So, I cranked up the Honda generator from my boat and started recording this quick sketch of tunes...Janet came over and helped. It's pretty much sequenced with live fiddle, guitar, banjo, and vocals.

I did a series of Hurricane Relief parties for Red Cross at various country clubs and private venues. I'm sure we collectively raised over $50,000...but it still feels pitifull when you consider the property damage, loss of life, and suffering people witnessed.

All proceeds from Hurricane Hunters goes to Red Cross. The CD is available in 10 different languages atHurricane Hunters CDBaby and individual songs are available on iTunes atHurricane Hunters iTunes

Now there's a mouthful...

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