2005-09-05 SW Florida International Airport Grand Opening

09.09.05-SW Florida International Airport Grand Opening

"Welcome to Florida!" Show

I'm not kidding, apart from a Publix or Target, what better placecouldI set up my monkey-bar-like music equipmentto sing and playfor Mr John Q Public, than at the Grand Opening of the SW Florida International Airport!?

Not that I have anything against performing at the local Pub, Tavern, Honky Tonk, Lounge, Chickee Bar...or "Lord, I've played some s__holes!" Kip Attaway used to wail! And yes, I've done them all...check out me and my old pals www.TarwaterBand.com We were theoriginal "Kings of Honky Tonk Bad Breath City!"

However,I only see a narrow strata of society down atthe Little Bar. Good Food, Good Drinks, and Good Jokes.Good ol Boys & Good time Gals... But where are the Good Folk? "Society at Large"...children, teachers, grandfolk, clerks, apprentices...people who have to go into a grocery store for the basic necessities, but can't afford a night out on the town.

These people need entertainment too!

SoI rosethe challenge of being a troubadour, gypsy, or scop...I accepted the contract for JRobert Janet and Chainsaw to do the "Welcome to Florida!" Show for early morning flight arrivals and departees down at the brand new SW Florida International Airport!

There they were, my People! Wow, I think I found a new calling!

Although it did have the distinct distraction of a multitude of reporters and TV cameras...

If I were to conjure up a gig down at theProduce Sectionof Publix...I wonder if I could improve their business?!

With my shiny Steel Pan, I'm sure I could get them Dancing in the Aisles!

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