2005-05-22 Hurricane Hunters CD

09.22.05 Hurricane Hunters CD

During the week of Hurricane Charlie cleanup, we had no power at our house.

So, I cranked up the Honda generator from my boat and started recording this quick sketch of tunes...Janet came over and helped. It's pretty much sequenced with live fiddle, guitar, banjo, and vocals.

I did a series of Hurricane Relief parties for Red Cross at various country clubs and private venues. I'm sure we collectively raised over $50,000...but it still feels pitifull when you consider the property damage, loss of life, and suffering people witnessed.

All proceeds from Hurricane Hunters goes to Red Cross. The CD is available in 10 different languages atHurricane Hunters CDBaby and individual songs are available on iTunes atHurricane Hunters iTunes

Now there's a mouthful...

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2005-09-05 SW Florida International Airport Grand Opening

09.09.05-SW Florida International Airport Grand Opening

"Welcome to Florida!" Show

I'm not kidding, apart from a Publix or Target, what better placecouldI set up my monkey-bar-like music equipmentto sing and playfor Mr John Q Public, than at the Grand Opening of the SW Florida International Airport!?

Not that I have anything against performing at the local Pub, Tavern, Honky Tonk, Lounge, Chickee Bar...or "Lord, I've played some s__holes!" Kip Attaway used to wail! And yes, I've done them all...check out me and my old pals www.TarwaterBand.com We were theoriginal "Kings of Honky Tonk Bad Breath City!"

However,I only see a narrow strata of society down atthe Little Bar. Good Food, Good Drinks, and Good Jokes.Good ol Boys & Good time Gals... But where are the Good Folk? "Society at Large"...children, teachers, grandfolk, clerks, apprentices...people who have to go into a grocery store for the basic necessities, but can't afford a night out on the town.

These people need entertainment too!

SoI rosethe challenge of being a troubadour, gypsy, or scop...I accepted the contract for JRobert Janet and Chainsaw to do the "Welcome to Florida!" Show for early morning flight arrivals and departees down at the brand new SW Florida International Airport!

There they were, my People! Wow, I think I found a new calling!

Although it did have the distinct distraction of a multitude of reporters and TV cameras...

If I were to conjure up a gig down at theProduce Sectionof Publix...I wonder if I could improve their business?!

With my shiny Steel Pan, I'm sure I could get them Dancing in the Aisles!

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2004 - 2005 Great Years…Fun Band

Good times with Good Folks

2004-2005 Great Year...Great Band

What's going on? Who are all these people? Hot Hot Hot! Announcing my new promotional Web-siteMangrove Music.com...

2004-09-05 BOSEM Buddies in Jackson Hole, Wyoming

09.05.04 BOSEM Buddies-Jackson Hole, Wyo

09.05.04 BOSEM Buddies in Jackson Hole, Wyoming

"Brotherhood of Starving Entertainers and Musicians"...a Benefit Concert for Friends.

Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

This Year, it's Mickey Wells from my oldwww.TarwaterBand.comwho brought his poor old crippling arthritic bones to our gathering. I bought him a plate of good old "grits & greens" at the Stagecoach for breakfast...he'll be feelin' better soon!

Musicians attending are my old Tarwater buddies, Bruce Hauser from Sawmill Creek, Pinto Bennett and the Famous Motel Cowboys, Brent Moyerwww.GlobalCowboy.tvand of course the MC and star of the showwww.KipAttaway.com!!!

We all love Uncle Kippy! He's like Honky Tonk Santa Claus, he always brings lots of presence!

After an all day blowout at the Virginian, we adjorned to Idaho Falls, Idaho for a Tarwater Reunion at the Elks Club, Tuesday September 7th

Lots of good folks! Lots of memories, and Great Music!

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2004-03-09 BMI Comes to Marco Island

03.09.04 BMI Comes to Marco Island

www.BMI.comis an American performing rights organization that represents more than 300,000 songwriters, composers and music publishers in all genres of music. Everyone from John Lennon to Willie Nelson.

I've beena member of BMI for many years, but you couldn't prove it from my royalty checks. Zilch. But that's only becauseJRobert and none of his songs are famous. I sometimes pay BMI to publish my own renditions of Jimmy Buffett songs...but that's an honor.

So anyhow, Francis Preston is the President of BMI and I have heard nothing but admiration and praise of her, not only from within the business, but from mutual friends who are neighbors of hers. I was destined to meet Francis someday, Ialways wondered how,when, or why, but I knew it was meant to be. I'd even tried to contact her a couple times while doing business in Nashville...another story.

BMI contactedme via Ocean Beach Resort to round up some buddies to entertain their festivities in Marco Island, March 4th thru March 9th 2004. Cool. Upon their specific requests, Icalled Frankie Paul & His Italian Accordion for Sale la Pepe Night, Michael Oakland Samba DudeTrio for Jazz Under the Chickee Hut Night,JRobertplayed the Kahuna Sail, and Mitch Peters BMI Dove Award Winner accompanied by JRobert violinist on Marco Yacht Club Grand BMI Awards Night featuring John Secada!

John Secada!

So there we were, Mitch and I, dressed up in our little tuxedos playing violin and grand piano in the Harbour Room of the Marco Island Yacht Club, really cruising along withour guestsrequests. BMI tunes only. It wasactually achallengetostump the band, countered by a challenge to see whetherwe could slip any ASCAP songs under their nose...without mentioning iteven if wedid.

So, here's Mitch Peters...long time piano bar artist at the Hilton and Marriott for over 30 years, BMI Dove Award winner in his own right, and probably 10,000 songs played by heart under his 88-key belt. And he'saccompanied by JRobert. Mr Ears. The guy who can jam with almost anyone in the business comfortably.

Meanwhile, one of the CEO's of BMI European division walks over and hands us some sheet music from aJohn Secada Broadway song. Sheet music, for chrissakes! Silence.

Mitch doesn't read. It would be like kicking a dead horse or floating a lead feather. So he looks at me.

I wasn't about to start sight reading a piece of musicI've never seen or heard before and hacking it up into little bits in front ofthe author,John Secada, President Francis Preston, and God!

So, we smiled, broke into an abbreviatedversion of Miami Sound Machine's "Rythm's Gonna Getcha!" and took a break.

2003-01-03 A Happy New 2003!

01.31.03-A Happy New 2003!

New Year’s 2003 kicked right off withMarco Island Hilton New Year’s Ballin the newly decorated Ball Room…lots of Marco friends as well as English and German visitors dancing and enjoying fireworks on the beach.

Then the Season hit with it’s flurry ofGigs, Gigs, Gigs!…featuring Marco Island’s firstYMCA Dolphin Debut…as well as the 3rd AnnualNaples Winter Wine Tasting Festivalwhich collectively amassed $5.14 million to be distributed among local charities! I’d like to thank the Figge, Aluisi, and Lund families for sponsoring my performances at their special events…what a party! I joined my old time buddyKip Attaway, who flew in all the way from Jackson Hole, Wyoming to "wail" a little wine tasting music…but it’s a little hard to taste that good stuff when so you’re busy chuggin' it!

I should also mention performing atStan’s Hospice Fund Raising Partywhere we always crank up the Season just before Stan's Annual Buzzard Lope and Mullett Festival…always a great way to raise a little cash while raisin’ a little ruckus!

February and March will be lots of fun with one moreYMCA Dolphin Debutparty February 24th and several spots at theLee Civic Center-Southwest Florida County Fairthis year featuring Tracy Adkins and Neal McCoy…you’ll have to check myCaptain’s Logfor my specific times & locations…

Oh, and don't let me forget to mention theCollier Seminole State Park Native American Pioneer Heritage FestivalFebruary 14, 15, & 16...a bunch of ourFriends of Florida Folkwill be performing each day. It's great to have the fresh sounds of North Florida Folk musical artists coming down to the Land of Ten Thousand Islands to share songs & enjoy our uniquely inspiring countryside...

See those little blank spaces on myCaptain’s Log Calendar? ...you can bet I’ll beAnchored right off Goodland, Floridaor haunting my favoriteLittle Bar Restaurantwith fiddle or steel pan in hand!

JRobert…”Island ‘Pon Mon’”

O.K. O.K.!

Here's a boat load of the latest news articles I should post just for the record...Marco Island Kiwanis Club Fund Event,Christmas Island Style Children's Charity,Last Minute Marketing "Blue Water Christmas,"Stan's Hospice Gig,and lastly but not leastlyMackle Park Community Family Show.

Excuse me, I'm going down for a snooze now...

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