2006-01-09 Nashville, TN Tarwater Reunion Recording

01.09.06 Nashville, Tn Tarwater Reunion Recording

www.TarwaterBand.comgathered in Nashville, Tennessee, at County Q Studios, home of chief engineer and part-time Famous Motel Cowboy, Robbie Matson.

This was to be 1st recording we've done in almost 30 years...So you can imagine all the back-slappin' that went on in Studio A that week!

The story began when David Lyle Evans and K.W. Turnbull appeared on TV at the CMA Awards Show in NYC and all the Rockin' TW Folks just about fell out of their rockin' chairs! to see them up there playing with Garth Brooks!

...then ol Buck Ramsey from "Space Wood" Texas came into an inheritance that was burning a hole in his pocket to see us all get back together...and connected all the dots...and blam! Here we were all pickin' & grinnin' like nothin' new at all has happened for the last 10,678 days...

The website says it all...including videos of us from 1976 when wesandwiched an appearance atthe Washington State University TV studio in-between a concert with Charlie Daniels, Bonnie Raitt, and the Idaho State Penitentiary gig. We really were out on good behavior.

David Lyle, KW, Teddy, Sergio, Rob Matson, John Bateman, are denizens of Nashville, Mickey Wells flew in from LA, Pinto Bennett hitched a ride from Boise, Idaho, and JRobert appeared out of thin air!

We laid down someworld classHonky Tonk music, folks!

If you get a chance, go on linewww.TarwaterBand.comand order up a couple copies for yourself and your pals down at the Chickee Bar!

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