2008-01-06 Steel Away Stories

01.01.08 - Steel Away Stories

"Steel Away!"...click here to buy! Steel Away! is a tribute to some of the finest steel drum performers to live and work around Naples, Florida, including “Sir George” Richards, Mark Pettey, and Kenneth Charles, brother of Trinidadian steel pan star Rudolph “the Hammer” Charles. JRobert simply wishes to share his passion for this relatively new and popular musical instrument.

"Steel Away!"...click here to buy!
Steel Away! is a combination of JRobert’s musical insights into the Florida way of life. It's a perfect enhancement to a day in paradise. “For me Steel Away! represents Florida and the Ten Thousand Islands. It’s all about an easy lifestyle,” says J.Robert. The CD has been exclusively created and produced in Southwest Florida at Mangrove Music on Marco Island for people who love steel drum music.
"Steel Away!"...click here to buy!
Bahamian Frank Carroll played authentic rake'n'scrape guitar. “Reggae Ambassador” has worked closely with Bob Marley, recorded with the Wailers, and has toured many years internationally.

“Jamaica Dave” Walker was born and raised in Jamaica before coming to Florida. Dave has recorded two projects with JRobert.

“Even Steven” Gomes, the smoothest drummer to stir out of the Everglades – and his metronome proves it.

“Little Mama” Janet Poole, a former Miss Collier County, America’s Miss Charm, and Swamp Buggy Festival talent contest winner now mother of three, features her vocals on Steel Away!

"Steel Away!"...click here to buy!

Steinberger bassist Alex “Lex” Antonelli (as in Lex Luthor-Superman’s arch enemy…ewww!) is a actually the most mellow guy to ever record at Mangrove Music studio.

John “Chainsaw” Burgess added djembe like a delicate herb to the blend. I believe he still has relatives in Texas.

"Tony P" Pastrana has played latin percussion with such greats as Tito Puente, Charlie Palmieri, Joe Quijano, and Pancho Sanchez, just to name a few. He's Tito's happy little shadow.

“DL” Turner helped produce, mix, and sweeten the tracks of Steel Away! with his celestial harp.

Steel Away! is a serious focus on steel drum instrumentals which capture JRobert’s signature sound known as “Florida fusion.” Florida fusion has blended classic calypso, Beatles, Cat Stevens and fun retro pop tunes. Steel Away! has a polished tropical jazz, world rhythm resonance laced with the tones of Latin percussion, authentic rake’n’scrape guitar, and reggae “bubble” organ.

Steel Away! provides a sincerely joyful celebration of Florida’s sun, sand and sea.

"Steel Away!"...click here to Buy!

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