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2011-05-04 JRobert: Best of 2011


05.04.11-JRobert: Best of 2011

BEST FIDDLER UNDER THE MANGROVES (AND EVERYWHERE ELSE) JRobert You might have been serenaded by JRobert as you entered social to dos such as the Conservancy’s “Magic Under the Mangroves,” Rookery Bay’s “Batfish Bash,” the Naples Botanical Garden’s “White Party,” the Marco Island Seafood Festival and many other places. 

A composer as well as entertainer, JRobert is one musician who marches to the beat of his own steel drum — and that’s what makes him special. 

Details: www.MangroveMusic.com 

A List of JRobert's favorite Gigs - 2011 

- Marco Island Historical Society – Music on the Mound Celebration *Celebrate the Arts 

– Staged entertainment for both February 17th & 18th *SW Florida Conservancy – March 3rd - “Magic Under The Mangrove” 6th year performance plus February 13th 

- Keewayden Patron’s Party *March 12th - Rookery Bay “Batfish Bash” – Raiford Starke Band with JRobert (booked and coordinate music) 

*Marco Island Seafood Festival – Booked and Organized the Music & Musicians March 26th & 27th 

Ft Myers Beach “Sand Bash” – March 31st *April 7th 

– Sanibel Songwriters Showcase - Danny Morgan presents “JRobert 

- Florida Fiddler” WGCU “Curious Kids” Show on PBS 

- Marco Island YMCA “Y” Day 

- 2011 Marriott’s 2nd Annual Marco Island Beach Music Festival 

- Marco Island Chamber of Commerce President’s Club 

- 67th Annual FFVA-Bluegrass Breakfast – Naples Ritz Carlton Florida Fruits and Vegetable Association 

- 23rd Annual Florida Hardware Dealers Conference – JRobert has performed and helped raise $50,000/year for St. Pete Children’s Hospital and Miami Children’s Hospital for 22 years. 

- 101 various Corporate Events and Weddings performed at Naples Grande Resort, La Playa Resort, Marco Ocean Beach Resort, Marriott’s Marco Island Resort and Spa, Sanibel Harbor Resort Naples Botanical Garden “Florida Garden” Grand Opening 

- Panache Desai World Puja Radio Show – Composer, Engineer, Producer Discography 2010 

- “Tiki Time” EP 

- “Panache Desai Meditation Music” CD Series 

- Music compositions for www.MarcoIslandCommunityTV.com

- “Land of the Walking Tree” EP 

- Gladezmen “Big Ol’ Monster” CD 

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2010 JRobert 2010 Community Activities

JRobert 2010 Community Activities

JRobert 2010 Community Activities

Marco Island Historical Society – Unveiling party and more performances planned.

Wisconsin Historical Society – Fundraising Celebration

*Celebrate the Arts – Staged entertainment for both days February 27th & 28th

*SW Florida Conservancy – March 4th- “Magic Under The Mangrove” 6th year performance plus February 21st - Keewayden Patron’s Party  

*Marco Island Seafood Festival – Booked and Organized the Music & Musicians March 20th & 21st

*March 27th - Rookery Bay “Batfish Bash” – Raiford Starke Band with JRobert (booked and coordinate music)

*April 7th – Sanibel Songwriters Showcase -  Danny Morgan presents “JRobert  - Florida Fiddler”

*MIFA -  JRobert supports Marco Island Foundation for the Arts – Performing MIFA Scholarship Luncheons

Marco Island YMCA “Y” Day

Marriott’s 1st Annual Marco Island Beach Music Festival

“See You In the Sand” Marco Island Chamber of Commerce Celebration

20th Annual FFVA-Bluegrass Breakfast – Naples Ritz Carlton Florida Fruits and Vegetable Association 

101 Corporate Events and Weddings performed at Naples Grande Resort, La Playa Resort, Marco Ocean Beach Resort, Marriott’s Marco Island Resort and Spa, Sanibel Harbor Resort

MICA Beach Party November 29th 2009

*New Beginnings Radio Show - Produced Peggy Sealfon’s Radio show now being aired on Fox 92.5 on Saturday mornings at 11 AM’

Discography 2010  

-      “Voices of the Everglades” CD, Published by the Florida Humanities Council 

-      “Integrative Relaxation Sports/Pain” CD Series

-      Music compositions for www.MarcoIslandCommunityTV.com

-      Nashville Country Artist Casey Weston’s self titled EP

-      Gladezmen “Scallium Anarchs” CD


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2008-01-06 Steel Away Stories

01.01.08 - Steel Away Stories

"Steel Away!" ...click here to buy!            Steel Away! is a tribute to some of the finest steel drum performers to live and work around Naples, Florida, including “Sir George” Richards, Mark Pettey, and Kenneth Charles, brother of Trinidadian steel pan star Rudolph “the Hammer” Charles. JRobert simply wishes to share his passion for this relatively new and popular musical instrument.

"Steel Away!" ...click here to buy! 
Steel Away! is a combination of JRobert’s musical insights into the Florida way of life. It's a perfect enhancement to a day in paradise. “For me Steel Away! represents Florida and the Ten Thousand Islands. It’s all about an easy lifestyle,” says J.Robert. The CD has been exclusively created and produced in Southwest Florida at Mangrove Music on Marco Island for people who love steel drum music. 
"Steel Away!" ...click here to buy! 
Bahamian Frank Carroll played authentic rake'n'scrape guitar. “Reggae Ambassador” has worked closely with Bob Marley, recorded with the Wailers, and has toured many years internationally.

“Jamaica Dave” Walker was born and raised in Jamaica before coming to Florida. Dave has recorded two projects with JRobert. 

“Even Steven” Gomes, the smoothest drummer to stir out of the Everglades – and his metronome proves it. 

“Little Mama” Janet Poole, a former Miss Collier County, America’s Miss Charm, and Swamp Buggy Festival talent contest winner now mother of three, features her vocals on Steel Away! 

"Steel Away!" ...click here to buy! 

Steinberger bassist Alex “Lex” Antonelli (as in Lex Luthor-Superman’s arch enemy…ewww!) is a actually the most mellow guy to ever record at Mangrove Music studio. 

John “Chainsaw” Burgess added djembe like a delicate herb to the blend. I believe he still has relatives in Texas. 

"Tony P" Pastrana has played latin percussion with such greats as Tito Puente, Charlie Palmieri, Joe Quijano, and Pancho Sanchez, just to name a few. He's Tito's happy little shadow.

“DL” Turner helped produce, mix, and sweeten the tracks of Steel Away! with his celestial harp. 

Steel Away! is a serious focus on steel drum instrumentals which capture JRobert’s signature sound known as “Florida fusion.” Florida fusion has blended classic calypso, Beatles, Cat Stevens and fun retro pop tunes. Steel Away! has a polished tropical jazz, world rhythm resonance laced with the tones of Latin percussion, authentic rake’n’scrape guitar, and reggae “bubble” organ. 

Steel Away! provides a sincerely joyful celebration of Florida’s sun, sand and sea. 

   "Steel Away!"...click here to Buy!

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2007-12-05 News Article - Christmas Island Style

 12.05.07 News Article - Christmas Island Style

J. Robert playing at last week's Christmas Walk at the Shops of Marco. 

His friends say, "No tellin' about Houghtaling [pronounced hotellin'], because you never know what he's going to play." They are referring to J. Robert Houghtaling, known professionally as J. Robert. 

Quite well-known on the island, J. Robert is so in demand that he doesn't play regularly at a club or restaurant. But he does play all over Marco, Naples, Bonita Springs and Ft. Myers. 

J. Robert's heart lies in his first instrument, the violin, but he is quite adept with the guitar, mandolin, harmonica and keyboard. Sixteen years ago, he was invited to play at Quinn's on the Beach where he continued through the summer. During that time, he met Stan Gober and the owner of the Snook Inn. He was hired for the season to play at Stan's, Snook Inn, and the Marco Bay Resort. The following summer he was invited back to the Marriott where he entertained for eight years. 

Living in Southwest Florida, J. Robert immediately recognized that Jimmy Buffet was not being promoted at that time on Marco. New York style piano players were what the establishments wanted. "I didn't play that, but told the proprietors that I was working up a bunch of Jimmy Buffet material with a tropical flavor and one thing led to another," said J. Robert. 

He ultimately mastered the guitar with a lot of classical lessons, got into Spanish and tropical styles, and studied a little jazz. "Somewhere in the last 12 years, as a Jimmy Buffet artist, you have to have a pan man [steel drums], so I've been dealing with a lot of guys from Trinidad, Jamaica and Tobago. I let the pan man play for many years, but it is difficult keeping them steady around here," said J. Robert. "At 50-years-old, I picked up the pan myself and I'm having a lot of fun with it, as much as I do with my other instruments," he said. 

J. Robert started to get the feel for music as a young child singing and swinging in the backyard and waking up the neighbors, as he tells it. He learned the violin in junior high school and was greatly influenced by his father who was into every kind of music from Rachmaninoff and Bach to jazz as well as being a hi-fi buff. "My father was one of those john boys who left the farm, took his family, went to the university and succeeded as a nuclear engineer. That's how I got to see the world -- on the coat-tails of my father and his hi-fi productions," he said. "My mother loved country music to the max. So I got a good blend. I'm a fusion," he went on to say. 

While in college, J. Robert became intrigued by the beatniks and hippies playing jug band music. He played that for a while, but his roots were the Beatles, Dylan, and the Stones. He says he is constantly picking up new styles, such as soca and reggae. 

His Mangrove Music Studio is where he produces local CDs. However, he has produced other CDs with C.W. Colt from Key West, Brent Moyer from Nashville, John McEuen from the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, Steel on Steel, and Jim Billie to name a few. 

His own latest CD is entitled "Blue Water Christmas." It has folksy traditional Christmas songs island style with reggae, jazz, Spanish and soca. With J. Robert playing violin and steel drums, he is accompanied by bass guitarist Alex Santonelli; drummer Bobby Snyder Jr.; percussionist Tony Pastrana; singer Joanne Hammond from the Wildflowers; guitarist Frank Carroll; samba and jazz guitarist Michael Oakland; keyboardist Mark Pettey from the Marshall Tucker Band; and Roli Scholl, a Hawaiian steel guitarist from Switzerland. 

His previous CD, Blue Water Cruise, was created with the concept of sailing and yachting. "Besides the great musicians that are on my CD, we have some of the finest world-class musicians on Marco Island, not only from Florida, but from all over the country. From Bob Snyder to Dan Vass, who is so amazing, to young people like Gino Ortiz. We have more entertainment on Marco than in Naples and practically any place in Florida," said J. Robert. 

J. Robert primarily plays at private functions and weddings. He recently appeared at the Shops of Marco Christmas Walk and at the Tree Lighting Ceremony. 

On Dec. 7, he will entertain at the Kiwanis Christmas Party for Needy Families on Marco, Dec. 10 at the Olde Marco Island Inn for the Christian Woman's Club Tour of Homes and New Year's Eve at the Hilton hotel. 

For bookings, call 642-7462 or e-mail jrobert@jrobert.net. You can order his $15 Christmas CD at amazon.com and jrobert.net. 

Phyllis Bator grew up in a musical family. Her father had a band, her brother played the accordion and she learned to read music before she could read words. Music has always been a part of her life. 

Bator can be reached by e-mail at phyllisbator@earthlink.net

©Marco Island Sun Times 2007 

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2007-11-01 Steel Away CD Released

11.01.07 - Steel Away CD Released

Sealfon & Associates


Ph 239 434-8867

Fx 239 434-8085


Press Release

Contact: Peggy Sealfon

Phone: 239 434-8867


9 A.M. EDT, November 1, 2007

global healing music

Marco Island, Fl, november 1, 2007:  Mangrove Music Studios of Marco Island, Florida, has announced the release of a new music CD product called Steel Away!  Featuring Floridian musician and entertainer JRobert, Steel Away! premiered and has been warmly received atKMXT public radio in Kodiak, Alaska.  


Island Time radio show host Russ Josephson, at KMXT, has aired other J. Robert projects including Blue Water Cruise.  "Island Time began as mostly Hawaiian music, but that was supplemented.” Josephson explained.  “Over the nearly 7 years of its broadcast, I have expanded the view of the show to include more and more Pacific, Caribbean, and ‘trop rock’ music.  So, Beach Boys to Buffett, to Hawaiian, reggae, jazz... it sounds very cosmopolitan.”


J. Robert has been highlighted along with his music on The Travel Channel’s “America’s Best Beaches 2005,” Blue Water Christmas, Blue Water Cruise, Hurricane Hunters, and Fait Plasir 2001 music CD’s.  Interviewed recently by Josephson for his “Island Time” show at KMXT public radio in Kodiak, Alaska, J. Robert cited, “Florida Fusion music is hot, but it isn’t contributing to ‘Global Warming.’  I call Steel Away!  ‘Global Healing’ music!”


Steel Away! is available on-line at www.CDBaby.com/JRobert  www.iTunes.com www.JRobert.net and all SW Florida Sunshine Ace Hardware Stores.


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2006-06-06 JRobert 1976 Video



08.06.06-JRobert 1976 Video

Don't look now, Mom, but your son is out there playing on the "high-speed internet highway" again...

Only this time, he looks like he's just about the same age as his son is now...and twice as dumb!

Check it out at http://www.tarwaterband.com/videos.html  

It'll take a couple minutes to load, but Mom, you've waited this long to get a good gander of what he was doing Out West during the year of the Bi-Centennial.

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2006-03-06 Travel Channel’s America’s Best Beaches

03.03.06 Travel Channel's America's Best Beaches

Here's the blurb folks...you can believe it or not, Naples Beach was voted #1 in 2005!  & JRobert was all over the Naples portion of this video.

I thought they were going to kick me out when I sang "Paradise can be Hazardise to Your Health" but they put it in the flick!  Along with my ugly mug!  It was actually video taped out on Coconut Island on a damn cold day in October...the actresses had to take off their jackets to show off their Beach Attire.  It was sunny, anyhow.  I refused, I simply put my Florida-Hawaiian shirt on over my woolies!

Travel Channel's Beach Week expert panel, which consisted of Tim Jarrell of Fodor's, Dana Dickey of Condé Nast Traveler and Veronica Stoddart of USA Today, combed the globe to pick the best of the best when it comes to U.S. and international beaches.Pack your bikini and sunglasses, it's time for the Travel Channel's countdown of the top beaches around the world. Here are this year's best. 

America's Best Beaches 2005
From Hawaii to the U.S. Virgin Islands and up to the shores of New Jersey, this year's list takes us all over the States.

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2006-01-09 Nashville, TN Tarwater Reunion Recording

01.09.06 Nashville, Tn Tarwater Reunion Recording

www.TarwaterBand.com gathered in Nashville, Tennessee, at County Q Studios, home of chief engineer and part-time Famous Motel Cowboy, Robbie Matson.

This was to be 1st recording we've done in almost 30 years...So you can imagine all the back-slappin' that went on in Studio A that week!

The story began when David Lyle Evans and K.W. Turnbull appeared on TV at the CMA Awards Show in NYC and all the Rockin' TW Folks just about fell out of their rockin' chairs! to see them up there playing with Garth Brooks!  

...then ol Buck Ramsey from "Space Wood" Texas came into an inheritance that was burning a hole in his pocket to see us all get back together...and connected all the dots...and blam!  Here we were all pickin' & grinnin' like nothin' new at all has happened for the last 10,678 days...

The website says it all...including videos of us from 1976 when we sandwiched an appearance at the Washington State University TV studio in-between a concert with Charlie Daniels, Bonnie Raitt, and the Idaho State Penitentiary gig.  We really were out on good behavior. 

David Lyle, KW, Teddy, Sergio, Rob Matson, John Bateman, are denizens of Nashville, Mickey Wells flew in from LA, Pinto Bennett hitched a ride from Boise, Idaho,  and JRobert  appeared out of thin air! 

We laid down some world class Honky Tonk music, folks!

If you get a chance, go on line www.TarwaterBand.com and order up a couple copies for yourself and your pals down at the Chickee Bar!

  JRobert@JRobert.net © JRobert Houghtaling 2016