2014 October

Sittin' on Top of the World!

The Florida Hardware Dealers gathering at Marriott's Marco Island Resort this year was the greatest ever!

All Children's Hospital in St. Petersburg, Florida was awarded $50,000 from the hardware auction.

Award winning hardware stores from all of the United States were featured this year.

While JRobert delivered "punchy" background music themes, media productions highlighted accomplishments of each featured store owner up on the big screen!

It was a fascinating show!

Please support your home town hardware store ...
Florida Hardware Dealers

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JRobert at Rookery Bay!

National Estuary Days 2014 was celebrated this year at theRookery Bay National Estuarine Research Reservelocated right off Marco Island.

JRobert performed all his favorite Florida originals including "Land of the Walking Tree," "Lilies of May," "Sand In My Shoes," "Son of the Everglades," "Waltzin' to the Whippoorwhill..."

You get the picture! But my favorite and most appropriate song for the Estuary is called "Backwater Bash!"

TheSun fades away on Rookery Bay
StarFish start to shine
Oysters& Conchs Clam up for the day
Snoozin’on Tidewater Time

Tonightmy friends are flippin’ their Fins
Jokin’& talkin’ trash
‘causeAll the Rich & Famous Fish
Boogieat the Backwater Bash

Backwater Bash a’Boogie Woogie
Backwater Bash!
Comeone and all and have a Ball
Atthe Backwater Bash!

Lookylook look at the Tarpon & Snook
Ladyfishdressed for show
Snapperslook snappy, Sharks, sharp!
Seahorses,rarin’ to go

Thisfish & that fish, purring like catfish
Takin’a chance on romance
BassFish & Drum are ready to strum
OneSand Dollar a dance


Scoot& scuffle to the Sting Ray Shuffle
Dolphinsdance two by two
Thewhole estuary is feeling merry
Groovin’on Batfish Brew


Backwater Bash a’Boogie Woogie Backwater Bash!

J.Robert Houghtaling 2010 Dooley Boy Music - BMI

Please click onAbout Rookery Bayand enjoy the music JRobert composed for the Rookery video on that page!

October Friend: Stan Saran

Stan Saran is my October guru of art and life!

Stan has lived many lives, including growing up the son of a Miami' South Beach hotelier, befriending Larry King, composing and recording music with the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, and creating sheik women's fashions featured at Macy's in NYC!

Marco Island knows Stan Saran as a masterful glass sculptor whose art graces doors and mirrors in the finest homes, hotels, and universities world wide.

You may enjoy some images atGlass Houses
and stories of Stan atNaples Daily

An elegant interest in cooking, Stan is always gifting me with his home made chocolate bars, complete with Stan Saran design foil and wrappers!

Yogi Baba Ram Dass among other luminaries was a contemporary of Stan back in his NYC days...which brings us up to the latest Stan Saran venture in life called Baraabar Yoga.

Please enjoy and support Stan Saran's latest reflections of this wonderful world we live in atBaraabar Yoga

October Issue

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October Music

Backwater Bash

Captain's Heart


A Million Thanks!

JRobert along with Sabrina Williams and Martin Houghtaling covered the front page of the Islander Newspaper this September 18th
Marco Island Chamber of Commerce Florist Party!

John McEuen and former Nitty Gritty Dirt Band member John Cable along with Austin Lounge Lizard Matt Cartsonis - jammed to a full house at St. Petersburg "Hideaway Cafe"

Ahoy! to Captn Jac for inviting me to play with him at the Bradenton Yacht Club!

Cheers to the Joe & Miriam Spalla Wedding at a private Marco Island mansion...classic Italian/Cuban wedding! What a hoot! I had music requests ranging from Dean Martin to Pit Bull!!!

Farewell 26th AnnualFlorida Hardware Dealersat Marriott's Marco Island Resort.
We'll welcome you back 2015for the 27th time!!

Thank you Bradenton Yacht Club, Marco Island Florist, Naples Princess, Marco Island Chamber of Commerce, Marriott's Marco Island Resort, Marco Beach Ocean Resort, and Rookery Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve!

October Gigs

JRobert will play fiddle again this October 11th 6 - 10 pm with Nitty Gritty Dirt Band membersJohn McEuenand John Cable at Fogartyville Community Media & Arts Center located at :525 Kumquat Ct, Sarasota, FL 34236 Phone:(941) 587-6588

The brand new Agave Bar & Grill has invited JRobert onstage this Sunday October 12th 1 - 4 pm.
Agave has a super stage with big screens and intriguing lights to mesmerize your Sunday Afternoon.
2380 Vanderbilt Beach Rd, Naples, FL 34109
Phone:(239) 598-3473

October 14th is my show date on the Naples Princess
5:30 - 7:30 pm
Be early!

Sabrina & JRobert welcome Total Health Immersions back to the Naples Beach Hotel for the
ir 8th Celebration with us!

Every Wednesday in October, JRobert will be at Bonita Bay Club in Bonita Springs, Florida
Contact Darcy Bodiker for more information: (239) 949-5072 or via email:darcyb@bonitabayclub.net

See you at the 19th Hole!

JRobert performs publicly at Marriott's Crystal Shores Resort every Tuesday 12 - 3 pm

We will also have a special Crystal Shores Celebration on Tuesday the 23rd 5 - 8 pm

JRobert will continue teaching Drum Club each Thursday morning for Tommy Barfield Elementary School.
We are working up a special show for 2 different corporate sponsored functions in February!

All other October performances are Corporate, Weddings, or Private.

For your Special Event
Please contactJRobert@JRobert.net

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