2016 March



Magic Under the Mangroves

On March 3rd, 2016JRobertperformed for this gala event

for the 11th year in a row,heldat the


A silent auction offered a spectacular array of paintings, glass works, and sculptures in wood, ceramic, and bronze, followed byfine dining, with a string trio,and rousing fundraiser. With such strong support, the Conservancy hopes to make an impact on SW FLCLEAN WATERandenvironmentally sustainable practices.

February Thanks!

Marco Island Historical Society's "Cultural Carnivale," Marco Island Yacht Club, Naples Princess, Kevin Smith and Florida Talent, PPG, Chalmers & Betsy Brothers, Marco Island Newcomers Club, Kentucky Highway, Wizard Connection, Sanibel Captiva Conservation Foundation, Conservancy of SW Florida, Naples Grande, La Playa Beach Resort, Prestige Catering, Quail Creek Country Club, Hot Topic Band, Twin Dolphins, Temple of the Islands Bat Yam 25th Anniversary Gala, John Hopkins, Bonita Bay CC, Russ Morrison, as well as Herb & Kathy Mastrangelis for the opportunity to play at their vow renewal at Marco Island Yacht Club. May you enjoy another 50 years of wedded bliss!


Playing music is the easiest job in the world.Piece of cake, right?Nope. Not really.Inside every musician is aroadiededicated to insuring that your event is perfect.A lot more goes into every gig than meets the eye. First, loading and drive time precedesevery gig, followed bymeticulousset-up and testing.Performance itself isthe relatively easy part.Thenall the work must be done in reverse, followedbymore drive time.Chances are that any musician doing a 2-3 hour gig is likely going to end up spending about 6-8 hours making it happen.Although music is a gratifying way to make a living, it is not an easy job. Most musicians will tell you,"You pay me forset-up and breakdown. Then Iget toplay!"


JRobert poses with "HORATIO"

a red-tailed hawk

and his handler

Nicki Dardinger

Music is for people, but also

"for the birds."

Song #1Sand in my Shoeswas recorded live on WGCU Radio, Ft Myers

Performed byJRobert and MartinHoughtaling

This song is dedicated to all our friends who

come to visit Florida never go back home!

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Song #2Sanibel Black Death Red TidewasProduced by Nancy Koerner and Music Scored By JRobert. Video taken on Sanibel Island on Feb. 29th, 2016 where the Caloosahatchee dumps directly into the Gulf.It graphically exhibits the direct effect of the“Black Death”of the red tide. Here, the interaction of “fresh” water and toxic chemicals creates a hypoxic (no oxygen) zone, deadly to marine life -- from oyster and crabs, to fish, dolphins, and manatees.(Read full article on YouTube.)

As of this publication, Nancy's iMovie has had80,188 viewsand3,282 sharesonFaceBook!

LakeO Discharges affectSanibel & Captiva and all of SWFL.



Nancy R. Koerner, multi-talented artist, writer, and "Queen of Harmony," has become avaluable member ofMangrove Music Studios. Inher role asCreative Coordinator, she has lent herorganizational talents (and killer vocal harmonies) tovarious recording projects, including bluegrass, meditation, environmental compositions, radio commercials, and a proposed theme song for a new TVshow pilot.

Nancy's original song "MICCOSUKEE WATERS,"

produced by JRobert and due for release this month, is intended tobringawareness to the Everglades aboriginal peoples and wildlife, and to celebrate the 2nd Annual"Walk for FutureGenerations."

Beginning on Sunday, March 20th, a group of Native Americans/environmental activistswillwalk 80 miles across the Everglades in 6 days to protest water pollution, devastatingly invasiveprojects such as ROGG,andseismic testing and fracking now being proposed forBig Cypress Preserve.

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