2016 April 



JRobert - Carmen Miranda!

Thanks for the Gigs!

Kevin Smith with Florida Talent, Marriott's Marco Island Resort with Wizard Connection, Net Health, Whirlpool, Hyatt Regency Coconut Point Resort with Global Works, Naples Princess, Vascular Insights, Cypress Lake Country Club, Danny Morgan's "Thanks for the Dance!" Pfau - Estes Wedding at Clam Pass,  Bonita Lakes RV Park, St Marks Easter, Naples Botanical Garden, Jackson - Raddatz Wedding, Grey Oaks Country Club, Bonita Bay Club, Bonita Bocce Club, AIPAGIA, Hideaway Beach Club, Matson-Driscoll-Damico LTD, 4th Annual Harbor Arts Music Festival! 


Thanks to all the musicians who helped make these gigs Fun!  Sabrina Williams, Nancy Koerner, John "Chainsaw" Burgess, Martin Houghtaling, Tim Griffin, Jimmy Allen, Michael Oakland, Reynold Carbo, Frank Carroll, Captn Jac,as well as Hot Topic Band!

Friend of the Month


Lynn Smallwood is a 6th generation Florida Pioneer. Lynn and her husband Gary McMillin, manage the historic Smallwood Store - Museum in Chokoloskee, which was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1972. 


The Store - Museum is now the oldest standing structure in SW Florida since Monroe Station was recently burned down.  My European friends always get a kick out of our concept of time and tradition.


Lynn and Gary have now launched Smallwood Store Boat Tour with Captain Corey Mac at the helm, offering knowledgeable Eco Guides of the Everglades National Park.  Corey also books full and 1/2 day fishing trips into the backwaters of the 10,000 Islands.


I first met Lynn and Gary while playing music with Chief Jim Billie at the Seminole Camp 25 years ago, and have always admired the family's genuine strength and character in the face of modern day challenges. 


Please visit the family website or call and make plans to experience Florida's Last Frontier! 


www.SmallwoodStoreBoatTour.com Call - 239-695-0016


"BUBBLES" original score JRobert, Mangrove Music Studios

This video is a sequel to Sanibel Black Death Red Tide,” featured in our March newsletter. As a recap: these waters are the direct result of massive toxic discharges that come down the Caloosahatchee. The water is overflow from Lake Okeechobee – billions of gallons daily. It is loaded with nitrogen, phosphorus, raw sewage, and mercury that wash down from the vast agricultural lands of Central Florida. These discharges are destroying SW Florida’s reputation for turquoise crystalline waters and pristine beaches. It is a harsh reality.

Yet, on this day of filming, despite black waters and a gloomy prognosis, sudden beauty emerged in the form of giant soap bubbles that began to rise from behind a sea grape tree… 

Upcoming Gigs!

High Season in SW Florida will be over soon...


Presently, all  upcoming engagements JRobert include Private Parties, Weddings, Corporate, Resort Hotel presentations...


JRobert will be attending the Florida Folk Festival May 27th - 29th and spending extended time in Mangrove Music Studios producing Songs and composing an exciting, new, soon to be announced Movie Score!

As promised, here is Nancy R. Koerner's"Miccosukee Waters" produced byJRobert - Mangrove Music Studios.

Mangrove Music


Enjoy Mangrove Music on SoundCloud/MangroveMan and pretend you are cruising the 10,000 Islands with Smallwood Store Boat Tours.


"Islands come and islands go

Swept by the tides of the sea…

Mangrove music…listen to it!

In the land of the mangrove tree."


“The spirit of the 10,000 islands" lives in the Walking Tree.


Step out of the ancient Gulf Stream, and into the sleepy black waters where the rivers of the Glades meet the sea…and drift the backwaters of time.


12,000 years ago, this very place was high, and dry, and cold…and the sea was 50 miles to the west. There were other people celebrating the sunset…people just like you and me.  Only these people had a very different daily drama and struggle for life. Bones of mammoths, saber tooth tigers, and giant sloths have been found scattered around the camp fires of these people.


After thousands of years, the last Great Age of Ice slowly melted, and the waters of the ocean rose and the beasts were hunted into extinction. 

Eventually, people turned to the sea to feed their families.  And for the last 5,000 years the mangrove forest has become the habitat of these “Mangrove People.”


Indigenous people called mangroves the “walking trees.”  Their prop roots reach out into the bay, creating the barrier islands that protect us from tropical storms and hurricanes.


Nowadays, we call the mangrove forest the “nursery of the sea.”  Tannic-dark waters contain more life per cubic foot than any other waters in the world…feeding yet higher forms of life, all the way up the food chain, and splashing into all the great oceans. 


500 years ago, the first Spanish explorers reported being able to dip a bucket into the mangrove waters and fill it with fish. Sometimes, my grandfather would joke about going out to walk the backwaters on the backs of snapper and mullet.” When the conditions were right, Granddad would stand on the edge of the gulf and watch the full moon reflect off the thrashing tarpon as they migrated up the coast…millions of them…like a river of life in an endless sea.  He would watch for hours and hours...


Stories of ancient Indians, Spanish explorers, pirate gold, and condo skylines…all wash away into the Tides of Time.

Islands come and islands go

Swept by the tides of the sea…

Mangrove music…listen to it!

In the land of the mangrove tree


Mangrove Music      J.Robert Houghtaling ©2009 BMI Dooley Boy Music


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