August 7 2017 Summer Songwriter Showcase

JRobert - Marco Music Man

Summer Songwriter Showcase

August 7th 2017 Issue

Florida Songwriter Showcase


WMNF Florida Folk Host

Award Winning Writer


Peter B. Gallagher

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August 7th

This Week's

Songwriter Jam

- featuring -

Rita Youngman

Patrick Barmore

Marie Nofsinger


Peter B. Gallagher

Florida native based in St. Petersburg,Peter B. Gallagher has been taking photographs, writing stories and songs about Florida, since 1967.

An award-winning journalist and freelance writer, Pete has been active in Florida preservation since he graduated from the U of Florida in 1972.

From his landmark"Vanishing Florida" column in the St. Petersburg Timesto his investigative work that freed migrant farm-worker James Richardson from jail (after being wrongfully convicted for murdering his 7 children) to his work exposing the tragedy of Rosewood, the plight of the endangeredFlorida Panther,and his expose on unethical state government permitting that allowed the destruction of the world’s oldest aboriginal canoes (all threenominated for Pultizers; the Richardson expose won the prestigiousRobert F. Kennedy Award), he has fought for truth and sanity in Florida environmental/cultural issues. He has spent more than 20 years working forChief Jim Billie at the Seminole Tribe of Florida, involved in Tribal communications and producing large entertainment events (including the DNS powwow series,Fire On The Swampand the 100,000 guestPhish NYE 2000show

◙ Pete was winner of the first Will McLean Poetry Contest, and is a two-time winner in theLive-Arts Peninsula Foundation’s “Floridian” songwriting contest.

◙ He managed the comeback and career of blues singer Mary McClain (1981 - 1991), and was writer/producer on her film “Diamond Teeth Mary.”

◙ Pete is co-host of theWMNF Florida Folk Radio Showand co-host of weekly Florida Music Nights at Old Key West Bar & Grill and Mad Beach Fish House .

◙ In 2010, Pete was awarded the Fellow Man and Mother Earth Award by theStetson Kennedy Foundation

◙ He is currently Special Projects Writer for the Seminole Tribe of Florida, Vice President of Friends of Jack Kerouac's House, Inc. and a Contributing Writer for Freedom magazine .

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