July 17 2017 Summer Songwriter Showcase

JRobert - Marco Music Man

Summer Songwriter Showcase

July 17th 2017 Issue

O hear ye...

Gator Nate!

Original Gladezman

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The Everglades

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Summer Songwriter Showcase at the Marco Players Theater is Produced and directed byJRobertMarco Island's own "Marco Music Man."

Celebrate the music ofFlorida, Marco Island, the Everglades and the 10,000 Islands, JRobert's own brand ofFloribbean Fusion Music,enjoy performance reviews, CD and MP3 offerings, announcements, upcoming charity events,and the newest products and services available fromMangrove Music StudiosSTAY TUNED! click onJ.Robert on Facebook

Gator Nate Martinis one of the most creative voices to come out of theGlades!

I've known Nate since he was a young man growing up on Marco Island.

His music and lyrics are jumping with vital energy and mesmerizing presence.

Please come join us this comingMonday July 17th

Guest Songwriters will be...

Joerey Ortiz

Carlene Thissen

Peter Erik Benson

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