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"Steel Away" CD

“Hurricane Hunters” CD

“Voices of the Everglades” CD

“Blue Water Christmas” CD

“Blue Water Cruise” CD

“Tarwater” CD

“Fait Plasir” CD

Original “Blue Water” CD

“Roads Les Traveled” CD

“Legends & Treasures” CD

"Steel Away" CD

It's a Lifestyle!

Hot-Cha-cha-cha, Harmony!

I'm happy to fill your ears full of songs...soon you'll get sand in your shoes and stay awhile!   

Read about "Steel Away!" with JRobert & Florida Fusion

 Meanwhile, turn on your speakers...enjoy!   Then hurry back to Captain's Log for the "Old News...but Great Stories!"




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Steel Away!

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"Hurricane Hunters" CD


It's always "Open Season" for Hurricane Hunters! 

Songs include "Cone of Uncertainty" "Wrath of Charlie"  "Hurricane Party" and "Hurricane Blues"   Sort'a short, but meaningful.  JRobert CD Sales Help Support Hurricane Victims.  

Buy CD's from Hurricane Hunters CDBaby...all proceeds go to Red Cross. 

...or individual songs from Hurricane Hunters iTunes

Read about this Weather Report in the Captain's Log 09.22.05 Hurricane Hunters...then look out for New Predictions!

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"Voices of the Everglades” CD

JRobert’s song “Land of the Walking Tree” is featured in the Florida Humanities Councils CD “Voices of the Everglades Florida Humanities Council Store   "Land of the Walking Tree" was written and dedicated to the efforts of the SW Florida Conservancy for their on-going efforts to preserve the Everglades for future generations of Floridians. Recorded in Mangrove Music Studios, it is part of a collection of "Magic Under the Mangrove" songs. 

Lyrical, beautiful and haunted by a sense of a place unique to all the world, the music and stories collected on this very special CD celebrate the people, the animals, and the places collectively known as the Florida Everglades. As inimitable as the exotic landscape itself, this is the finest collection ever assembled of Florida songs, stories, and interviews about the Everglades. Available only from the Florida Humanities Council. 

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Voices of the Everglades CD

"Blue Water Christmas" CD

CHRISTMAS ISLAND STYLE is Here!   Buy it at Blue Water Christmas CD Baby or iTunes folks click on Blue Water Christmas iTunes

BLUE WATER CHRISTMAS is ready as of December 11th 2002...and how sweet it is! 

...Mangrove Studio now has Pro Tools and E-Magic Logic Platinum! So expect BLUE WATER CHRISTMAS to even exceed quality BLUE WATER CRUISE.

SONG TITLES include...

Angels, God Rest Ye, Three Ships, Christmas Island, III Kings, Little Drummer Boy, Midnight Clear, Do You Hear What I Hear?, Christmas Moon, O Holy, Whadayaknow About Christmas?,and Joy!

CREDITS will be listed...


Alex Antonelli Steinberger bass Michael Oakland Samba guitar Mark Pettey Roland D-50 Frank Carroll Guitar, Vocal Bobby Snyder Jr. Drums Nestor Hernandez PercussionTony “P” Pastrana PercussionJo Ann Hammond Vocal Roli Scholl DobroJRobert Violin, Steel Pan, Guitar

Produced & engineered by J. Robert Houghtaling at Mangrove Music Studios, Marco Island, FloridaPhotos Joel Gewirtz, Marco Island, FloridaMastered by Mark Prator, Morrisound Studio, Tampa, FloridaGuitars provided by Teigen Guitars Cover art by Disc Makers©© 2002 JRobert PO Box 1071 Marco Island, Fl 34146 

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"Blue Water Cruise" CD

Listen Now and Buy CD's at Blue Water Cruise CD Baby

Or iTune folks click on  Blue Water Cruise iTunes...there's a mouthful! 


...or Call 1 239 642 7462 ...did I mention FREE SHIPPING? 1 239 642 7462 

Click Here for The Blue Water Cruise Sails into Nautical Shops Story.  "Blue Water Cruise" …Smooth Sailing Off the Charts!

A tapestry of violin, samba style guitar, and Trinidadian Steel Pan are interwoven throughout this music journey. "Blue Water Cruise is like water…it sweeps you out from where the rivers meet the sea and beyond all markers, buoys, and music genres into a deeper soundscape adventure." 

Blue Water Cruise makes an excellent boat gift or Florida souvenir. 

Sanibel Tides

While anchored in the backwaters of a barrier island…early morning dolphin patrol the bay…huffing…puffing gently in the stillness. 

Like ancient Calusa, tall families of roseate spoonbill scoot across spring-tide mud flat banks past barnacled mangrove roots… tannic-blackened waters mirror a rising sun…cumulus arrive over the Everglades horizon. 

Myriad illusive channels snake around lighthouse shoals, before the safety of open seas… 


"Takes me away to where I've always heard it could be… Just the wind & a dream to carry me…soon I will be free!" 


Shimmering glass mosaic scattered in the sand of a coconut island…shuttled in on tropical waves…splashing, gurgling, and whispering… 

"Coquina…coquina Girl, you're on my mind" 

Jamaica Farewell

Island hopping into the lazy latitudes… 

"I'm sad to say I'm on my way I won't be back for many a day…" 

Blue Water

"Let's go ride the sea… No place on earth I'd rather be!" 

Sloop John B

The Granddaddy of all sailing songs jams out! 

Changes in Latitudes

Remember the first time you caught an earful of Jimmy Buffett music? …Our attitudes and latitudes may have changed since then…"but beach music, beach music, beach music…just plays on!" 

Captain's Heart

One little change of heart may equal three hundred and sixty degrees of horizon… Every thought of you…sends me sailing off the charts! 

A captain's heart is only as true as his compass. 

Zephyr Deluxe

…I catch a warm, wild ride just before the air turns cool and sweet. 

Suddenly winds shift, and a squall sweeps in from the west…leaving just as suddenly as it came. Vibrant sunset rainbows melt over my shoulder into a pool of promises… 

Pirate Looks at 40

No matter how I look at it, it just gets better!

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"Tarwater" CD

Hard Country Music

Captain's Log 01.09.06 tells the whole story about JRobert getting together with Tarwater Band to produce this beautiful album of Hard Country Music at it's finest!

We had a lot of fun producing this music, and you can click on to read all about it or listen to some samples.

You can also e-mail me at and I'll speed one right over to you.  Sort of like "Step right up my boy, and let me tell you how to learn the Country Fiddle in $15 easy dollars!"

"When they walked onto a stage, they owned it." —Enis Beasley

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"Fait Plaisir 2001" CD

After a very successful FAIT PLAISIR 2001 Swiss Country Music Festival Tour, and some great FAIT PLAISIR Tour d' Affair Stories, JRobert invites his Nashville, Tennessee friend Brent Moyer, down to Marco Island for a July 4th Celebration in South West Florida! Marco Island Eagle has a superb article about our Swiss Tour! 

Buy Now! $15 Call 1 239 642 7462 ...and don't forget...FREE SHIPPING

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Original "Blue Water" CD

Classic JRobert! 

All original Florida songs...including nautical songs "Bluewater", "Lost my Car in the Keys", "Buffett Songs All Night Long"...songs of mystery and history as "Son of the Everglades", "Dr Fiddle" well as "Mangrove Music" and "Marco Moon" which are instrumentals that have inspired "Bluewater Cruise" CD. 

Sorry, Out of Stock !

"Roads Les Traveled" CD

Les McDowell-"Roads Les Traveled" CD

Now, here is a CD Les Listened to...but absolutely Great production! of Nitty Gritty Dirt Band called me to play along with T.C. Carr and Lenny Austin for Les McDowell.

Les is a great Poet Americana, cowboy, trick roper, horse trainer, blacksmith, stagecoach builder...who writes great Florida stories.  We musicians simply composed a Tone Poem to enhance Les' project.

John McEuen, of course has worked with Nitty Gritty Dirt Band for over 25 recording projects including "Circle Be Unbroken" Album.  He also produced the music for my friend Chief Jim Billie's CD called "Alligator Tales."

You may still find a copy laying around WQYK radio ranch at if you speak with Martin Beecher and tell him JRobert sent you.

All proceeds from this CD benefit "Special Olypics-Florida" and the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Youth Ranch.

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"Legends & Treasures" CD

C.W. Colt

I'm happy to be the little angel to come along and invite C.W. into my studio...and in so doing became an fully ordained "Conch Republic Royal Minstrel!" has continued to produce to most Solid Ballads and Adventure music in South Florida for the past 15 years...has it really been that long?

I got to play fiddle, mandolin, harmonica, and boss him into driving up to Tennessee with all his empty bottles of Jack Daniels...then, I told him to convince those Sons of Whiskey Makers that his songs would someday make everybody Rich!  

But did he listen to me?  Hell, Yes!  Now, we're all just sittin' down here in our own little Sub-Tropical Kingdom, waitin' for the Royalty checks to come driftin' in...and of course, ordering shots at the Round Table to support the Company.

Thanks, C.W. for trusting my ears...your songs are still Great!

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